5 Elegant Civil Wedding Dresses

A civil ceremony is a great opportunity to wear a more low-key wedding dress with simple lines mixed with elegant fabrics and finishings to produce a sophisticated gown for your special day.

In this article, we'll talk you through some of the different dresses that our customers are purchasing from us for their civil ceremony.

Before we start though, it's always important that you choose a civil wedding dress that matches your personal style and is flattering on your figure to make you feel extra special and comfortable.

And remember, you don't have to wear a traditional white full-length dress - or even a dress at all. We've seen many of our brides wearing champagne and blush pink colours, as well as jump suits and midi's.

Elsie Wedding Dress - £499

Our Elsie Wedding Dress is one of our most popular civil wedding dresses and is perfect for the bride who is looking for a simple, yet elegant gown for her special day.

The dress is a wrap dress and is fully lined in our ivory crepe fabric. It comes in a choice of three necklines ranging from deep-v, mid and high. High is for the bride looking for near complete bust coverage, whilst deep-v is for those looking for more cleavage. Once you have ordered the the dress, we will always contact you to discuss your chosen necklines (as well as your dress size).

Below is bride Natalie wearing the high neckline.

Bride Natalie wearing our Elsie Wedding Dress with our high necline option.

And below is bride Ciara wearing the deep-v neckline. 

Bride CIara wearing our Elsie wrap wedding dress with the deep-v neckline option.

One of the advantages of wearing a midi wedding dress is that you can show-off your shoes. Many of our brides couple our Elsie Wedding Dress with a beautiful pair of heels to finish the look.

And being a wrap dress, you can loosen and tighten the dress throughout the day for extra comfort. This is a great help for pregnant brides or those who are breast feeding, as the functional wrap provides a quick and easy way to open and close the dress.

In addition, the dress doesn't have to be just for your special day - this is a lovely versatile dress that you can wear again on your honeymoon or to a summer event.

The dress makes a perfect companion which appeals to all brides and indeed is a popular wedding dress for older brides too.

Esmee Wedding Dress - £449

The Esmee Wedding Dress is a fully-lined wrap dress made from our ivory crepe. This civil wedding dress is full-length with a waterfall open front, showing-off a bit of leg.

The dress has a small trail at the rear to give that extra wow when you walk down the aisle.

Like our other wrap dresses, the dress can be made in our three necklines to suit your particular requirement.

Here is our bride Jessica in the Esmee Wedding Dress with deep-v neckline.

Bride Jessica wearing our Esmee Civil Wedding Dress

Willow Jumpsuit - £399

Wedding Jumpsuit

Wedding Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is a perfect option for the bride who's looking for a trully modern alternative to a wedding dress for their civil ceremony.

A garment that says "wow" but in a different way, our Willow Wedding Jumpsuit comes in either satin or silk and its elegance is complimented with a beautiful cowl back and wide trouser legs.

We've found the jumpsuit to be an ever increasing popular choice for brides looking for something different to suit their particular style or fashion sense.

We also sell the Anastacia Wedding Jumpsuit, which features the same trouser section but with less of an open back and the front of the top consists of a non-functional wrap.

Lily Kimono Wedding Dress - £749

Kimono Wedding Dress
Silk Kimono Wedding Dress

The kimono-sleeve wedding dress is a great choice for a bride who is looking for a loose fitting sleeve to bring comfort on her wedding day.

Being a loose-fitting sleeve, the option suits all body shapes and provides full coverage of the upper arm. It also brings a different style to the dress that generates a relaxed feel.

Our Lily Kimono-Sleeve Wedding Dress is popular with brides looking for that exact relaxed feel. It is a midi-length wrap dress, so you can show off your wedding shoes. Like our other wrap dresses, it comes in a choice of three necklines depending on how much bust coverage the bride requires.

We also offer a full-length, maxi version of the dress, called the Maya Wedding Dress.

Olsen Wedding Dress - £999

Our Olsen Wedding Dress is the perfect choice for a bride who us looking for a full-length silk wedding dress.

The dress comprises of simple lines that are perfect for a civil ceremony but with the added benefit of that pure luxury feel, thanks to our luxe ivory silk.

The hem is made from several metres of fabric, delivering a real stylist long flowing dress.

We make the dress with a choice of necklines depending on how must bust coverage you require.

As optional extras, we can supply a thicker tie made from the same ivory silk fabric and we can also extend the hem at the rear to make a trail - a popula option.

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