We offer a complete bridesmaid dress alteration service which is available to brides buying their bridesmaid dresses from us. Read on to learn more about this service.

Often when you buy your bridesmaid dresses, they will need further alterations, and this can range from adjusting the hem length or lowering a leg-slit.

The usual approach is that you buy the bridesmaid dresses, have them delivered to you to distribute to your bridesmaids, and then find someone locally to each of your bridesmaids to have the alterations made - remember sometimes they don't all live in the same area...

This can be quite a tiresome task to undertake, especially when you're in the middle of organising a wedding.

Rather than having to go through all this, we can take care of all alterations for you when we make the dresses.

All our dresses are made-to-order so it makes sense to make all these alterations at this point, rather than you having to go to the trouble of doing it later.

What alterations do you offer?

Typical alterations that we make to bridesmaid dresses are:

  • Taking up a hem
  • Shortening a sleeve
  • Altering the neckline
  • Taking a dress in at the waist
  • Lowering a leg slit
  • For wrap dresses, adding more fabric to the dress so that it wraps over more to provide more leg coverage 

What we need from you

Depending on which alterations you would like, we will need some basic measurements from your maids (Sarah will advise what these are at the time). 

For us to get these from you, you can either visit our home showroom in Putney, London with your bridesmaids, and we can take measurements then (plus you and your maids can have some fun trying on our dresses). 

Alternatively, if you're unable to visit us, you can also take advantage of our home sample loan service where we can post bridesmaid dresses to you so that you can have a get-together with your maids to try on different dress styles for sizing. You can take the required measurements at this point and supply them to us when you order.

How much does it cost?

Alterations do come at an extra cost, however Sarah will be able to let you know how much each alteration will be before going ahead as it depends on the dress style and fabric. 

Get in touch

Simply complete our contact form and Sarah will get in contact with you to discuss the bridesmaid dresses you are interested in and what alterations you would like.