The founders of Constellation Âme Michael & Sarah Eustace on their wedding day in 2017.

Constellation Âme is a London-based luxury bridal and occasionwear brand founded by husband and wife duo, Michael and Sarah Eustace.

The brand is the result of our dream to weave together luxury, sophistication and elegance to craft the perfect dress for any occasion, making you feel extra special for any event.

We achieve this high-level by designing and making our dresses exclusively here in London, and all our dresses are lovingly made-to-order.

The people behind Constellation Âme

All our garments are designed in-house by Sarah. 

Sarah's career started in 2005 after she graduated with a 1st class degree in Fashion Design from UWE Bristol.

This lead to Sarah being scouted by M&S after her final year collection was featured on the catwalk at London Fashion Week. Sarah went on to design for a number of high-street and designer brands, before starting Constellation Âme in 2018, thus fulfilling a life-long dream of owning her own luxury designer brand.

Michael has been a website developer since the dawn of the internet. Having built his first website at the age of 14 in 1996, Michael has always been interested in ecommerce solutions and digital marketing. As well as building this website, Michael takes care of the business side of the brand and all digital marketing activities.

After Sarah and Michael got married in September 2017, they realised there was a gap in the market for modern, fashionable bridesmaid dresses. They decided to put their skills together, and Constellation Âme was born.

The story behind the name "Constellation Âme"

For thousands of years, humans have found the stars thought-provoking. Constellation Âme is the result of the joining together of our thoughts and dreams to create this brand, hence the word "Constellation"..

"Âme" is the French word for "Soul", which represents the heart and soul we put into our brand.

The thinking behind Constellation Âme

  1. Most bridemaid dress designs are quite traditional in appearance - one of the issues we found when searching for bridemaid dresses for our own wedding was that most bridemaid brands offer traditional looking dresses. We wanted to provide a brand that brings the bridemaid dress up-to-date. When you wear one of our dresses, we want you to feel modern and fashionable.
  2. We like to think our dresses will stand the test of time and that you will still feel as good in them today as you will in years to come. We truly believe our dresses are timeless.
  3. The majority of bridesmaid dresses are worn only once and then thrown away - we wanted to make a cross-occasion dress that you can wear as a bridesmaid, and then again for a special glitzy event or even again as a guest to a wedding

What makes Constellation Âme different from everyone else?

One of our key offerings is that our dresses are both designed and made in London.

We utilise brilliant London-based machinists to make our garments, the advantages of which include:

  1. We can easily ensure the quality of products - we don't have to travel abroard to oversee and ensure our garments are being made in the best possible way. We can do this any time we like, and with ease.
  2. We can be sure of the conditions that machinists are working under - we've all seen the news and documentaries about clothing companies using factories in foreign countries, having been assured that working conditions are acceptable, only to find out that they are not. Having garments made in London means we have greater control and we can have confidence that there is no foul play at hand.
  3. Most of all, we are supporting the wealth of talented machinists who live and work in London, and indeed, the U.K. Whilst other brands are going abroad for their garment manufacturing, we are pleased to support local machinists to provide the best quality product we can.

In addition, our made-to-order service means we are not making any more garments than required and, therefore, we can ensure that fabric is not needlessly wasted through excess stock that may ultimately end up in landfill sites.

Consider us for your next dress purchase

Next time you're looking to buy a dress from a brand, consider these questions:

  1. Where was the dress produced?
  2. What were the working conditions for the machinist who physically made the garment?
  3. Is this a dress that I will wear once and throw away or is it one that I will wear mutliple times and will stand the test of time?

We truly believe we have the answers to the above questions covered, and if this is something you care about, then this is another reason to consider purchasing from us.

Whether you're looking for a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, a dress to wear to a wedding or a dress for a special occasion, you can be assured that our exclusive, chic and modern style will make you stand-out from the crowd.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Constellation Âme family.

Sarah & Michael xx