Mismatched bridesmaid dresses: combining different styles and fabrics

In part 1 of our three part mismatched bridesmaid dress series, Sarah spoke about how you can mix dress styles to suit the different shapes and sizes of your bridesmaids, all whilst using the same fabric base and colour. In part 2, Sarah talks about how to extend this further by mixing different fabrics, which gives that extra creative edge and depth to your wedding theme.

One of the things I love about having my own bridal brand is the opportunities I have to help guide brides through the creative journey of choosing their perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Mismatched ivory bridesmaid dresses

Bride Francesca approached me to help choose her bridesmaid dresses and a separate wedding dress for her to wear on the evening of her wedding day.

The bridesmaid dresses

Francesca had already purchased a nude coloured wedding dress from another designer to wear for the daytime, and she was looking to go all-out with an ivory bridesmaid ensemble to help compliment her dress.

Mismatched ivory bridesmaid dresses

I explained that this was a great opportunity to add depth to the ivory look by mixing dresses made from different fabrics. We offer both crepe (a matt finish) and silk (a shiny luxe finish) fabric bases, and mixing them into any of your bridesmaid dresses helps to provide that chic, modern and trendy feel.

As a result, Francesca decided to mix three of our crepe outfits with two silk outfits for her beautiful bridesmaids.

Our bespoke Juliette ivory luxe heavywieght silk bridesmaid dress

The gorgeous maid of honour (pictured above) wore a bespoke Juliette dress in our luxe ivory heavy silk.

Ivory bridesmaid 2-piece skirt and top sets. On the left is our Lena silk set and our Rosie crepe skirt and top set - both are available in a range of different colours.

Another lovely bridesmaid in the crepe Juliette dress then mixed with the chic Rosie sets in crepe (pictured above right). Lastly, one bridesmaid wore the Lena luxe ivory heavy silk set (pictured above left). I was so pleased with the result - all the girls looked so elegant, stunning and sophisticated.

The perfect ivory bridesmaid dresses

Mixed together the bridesmaids looked so gorgeous against the bride in her nude beaded wedding dress.

Ivory bridesmaid dresses with nude wedding dress

The dresses pictured above from left to right are:

  • Juliette wrap dress
  • Rosie skirt and top set
  • Bespoke version of the above Juliette wrap dress made completely of heavy weight ivory silk
  • The bride
  • Rosie skirt and top set
  • Lena silk skirt and top set

Here are images of the dresses:

Ivory Juliette bridesmaid dress

Above: Juliette ivory dress

Rosie ivory crepe 2-piece skirt and top bridesmaid set

Above: Rosie ivory dress

Lena ivory silk skirt and top set

Above: Lena ivory silk skirt and top set

The evening wedding dress

Francesca looks absolutely stunning wearing our Olsen dress for the evening of her wedding. Her day wedding dress was fitted with a long trail and the Olsen silk wrap dress was effortlessly perfect for dancing all evening.

The Olsen ivory silk wrap wedding dress

The skirt section of the dress is looser fitting and, what with the dress being a wrap, this aided the bride, who was breast feeding at the time. We also added a split to the sleeve as an extra bepoke touch.

The Olsen ivory silk wedding dress

Wedding Venue: Rockliffe Hall, Darlington

Wedding Photographer: Jonny Draper


If you would like help with choosing a selection of our dresses for your bridesmaids, please get in contact with me - I'm always happy to help.

Sarah xx


Look out for part 3 of our mismatched bridesmaid dress series where Sarah will discuss building on top of altering bridesmaid dress styles and fabric further by introducing different colours.

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